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  • In home caregiving service.
  • Preventive maintenance thru full body massage. – relieve stress and fatigue, tones muscles, relieve swollen ankles, improves total perspective..
  • Showering or Bathing. – envigorates every fiber of your being.
  • Preventive maintenance thru exercise. – prevent frailty.slow down mental deterioration.uplifting.

The objective is to provide Seniors a caregiver who will provide the service that the seniors deserve such asPatience during their bad days. Attentive to details and devoted to the comfort of the seniors being taken cared of .

versatility/flexibility to shift gears at a moments notice.Good listener when they reminisce about earlier times in their lives.Reliability and Punctuality. Compassionate and can demonstrate understanding and encouragement. Empathy being able to understand and being understanding of the seniors special needs.

In Home care services to be offered are as follows:

It has been shown that those in a regular exercise program have 40 % less memory impairment over the long term than those who don’t exercise regularly. exercise needs to be consistent and challenging, rather than casual and unvaried, for the best brain results. This is because when challenged, the brain responds with changes to make it easier next time the challenge occurs. This will be in consultation/approval with his/her doctor, physical therapist, family members or the client itself. > Research has shown that older people who remain in their homes live longer, happier lives than those who are forced to leave their homes to be cared for. It is in the home where quality of life is enhanced and maintained most comfortably.
Caregiver will provide mental stimulation by engaging the clients in conversation, playing cards, chess or doing puzzles with them. Taking clients for walks or strolls outside of the house or within the vicinity of the house. Going out for meals or movies, or attending socials like SIRS, Square and Compass or religious functions. Going to the theater or concerts.
Since seniors have special dietary needs, careful and sometimes ingenious planning must go into meal preparation.Caregiver will make sure that the clients tastes and preferences when planning meals will be considered, aside from meal preparations, Caregiver will assist the clients with eating if needed, specially if her/his motor skills have weakened due to illness or injury..
Caregiver will help in the maintenance of the inside of the house by sweeping or vacuuming the floor/carpet when needed. Rinse the dishes every after meals, clean/dry the sink, clean the stove after use, clean/dry the bathroom and restroom every after use. Do the necessary laundry thru the washing machine and drying the clothes thru the dryer. Fold the blankets and tidy up the bed every after used. All of the this household chores will be done when the client will be properly seated in his wheelchair or reclining chair.
Since personal and home care aides do not prepare medications for the clients, Caregiver will instead remind the client when to take the medicines and assist them in holding the glass of water or help them administer eye drops, etc..