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One of the most impressive things to note about rogaine s products is that although rogaine is targeted mainly to men, and their products specifically claim that rogaine for men only be used by men, rogaine also has the same product line for women, but designed specifically for women.

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Now, i m not dismissing rogaine as a completely useless hair treatment, in fact it seems that many people found it to work quite well.

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How to use rogaine for those with short or little hair.

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Those who did did say that again, like rogaine what is genetically predispositioned to happen will happen as we all know but this will just prolong the hair loss.

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According to clinical results and customer feedback, rogaine hair loss treatment products must be purchased multiple times for a several-month period prior to seeing desirable results.

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other than rogaine and shampoos for hair loss, there are other over-the-counter hair loss treatments aka alopecia treatments that target male pattern baldness and generalized hair loss in men.


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